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My name is Officiant Vanessa Saccheri 

I started Your Wedding Day, LLC because I want couples to have their dream wedding ceremony. In 2020 I had to honor to be a bride, and marry my best friend. When it came to picking our ceremony we chose to stay within our religion. Everything about that day was perfect, but we had a ceremony that our guest and us have never seen or been a part of. Leaving us confused as to how we got the ceremony we did.  I created Your Wedding Day, LLC with my future couples in mind, making your wedding ceremony a reflection of that couple you were, are, and will be after your wedding day. I am fully dedicated to each couple and their love stories, insuring your ceremony tells your story. After joining the American Marriage Minister in 2020 I have the privilege to solemnise two individuals and share their love stories with family and friends. 

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